Renowned Personalities

Last Updated on: May 26, 2022

Raibahadur Jagannath Barooah
Jagannath Barooah was born on 29 October 1851, at Rajhauli , Jorhat. He was a brilliant student and completed his F.A (first Arts) course and joined Presidency Collage, Calcutta on a scholarship. He was the first Graduate from upper Assam. Jagannath Barooah appeared successfully for the Native Civil Services in 1875.But some spark of an independent spirit made him pass up a coveted carrier in favour of Tea Cultivation. The British conferred upon him the title "Raibahadur" in 1902. Jagannath Barooah died in 1907, at Calcutta. The Assam Pride Jagannath Barooah Collage at Jorhat a memory for remind him at Jorhat.

Krishna Kanta Handique
If there is one name that is synonymous which learning in Assam. One face that flashes across our minds the moment word "Scholar's mentioned that name and face are most likely to belong to Krishna Kanta Handique. Who was born in Jorhat on 20 July 1898.He obtained B.A. from Calcutta Sanskrit Collage with Gold Medal in 1917. In 1919, he obtained Master Degree in First Class First in Calcutta University. He also obtained his Master Degree in Modern European History in 1923,Simultancously, he mastered French and German. After 1923, he spent four years in France and Germany , perusing his insatiable desire to learn more European languages. He studied Classical Greek and Latin, and modern languages like Spanish, Italian and Russian. When he returned home in 1927, he was already a scholar with very few peers in India. He was written various important essays and books and also translated many books from Sanskrit. In 1937, He was elected president of the Assam Sahitya Sabha. He was also Elected President in various Indian organisation by Govt. of India. In 1955, he was conferred "Padmashri" and in 1967, he was conferred "PadaBhushan", by the Govt. of India. He was passes away on 7 June 1982. He is the pride of Jorhat.

Krishnanath Sarma
Krishnanath Srama was born on 28tha true "Gandhite" and close associate of Gandhi. He was a great social reformer. From his boyhood he was very much opposed to caste distinction. Mahatma Gandhi visited Krishnakant sarma's home at Sarbaibandha, Jorhat and opened a doors of "Namghar" to the Harijans on April 18,1934. He was a Lawyer and help the common people for their justice. Krishanath Sarma was the secretary of the Jorhat District Congress Committee and was elected a member of Assam provincial Congress Committee in 1921. He Joined the AICC session at kanpur in 1925,and also Delhi session in 1932. He died on 2nd February ,1888. He was February 1947.

Debeswar Sarma
Debeswar Sarma , who known better as "Jannayak". In a nutshell, Debeswar Sarma was an Illustrious son of not just Jorhat or Assam, but the nation as a whole. "Herai Jowa Dinbor" by Debeswar Sarma a simple 'Autobiography' . It is in fact , replete with lesson that can after a person very attitude towards life . In a particular chapter he says "we received more than we have given. What we got should not be judged in terms of material gain we get love, respect and recognition from the people. Today, the state of Assam . instead of being the "Sentinel of the East", has become a haven for foreign National. It is tahat even after Independence, the centre continuous to explain Assam like the british used to, time to time, I have rays my voice against such exploitation . but if my colleagues had also done so, the condition of the state would not have been so deplorable today." He said it, from his "Herai jowa Dinbor".

Mitradev Mahanta
Mitradev Mahanta was born at Sarbabandha Letugram Satra, Jorhat ,on 13 June 1894. In 1914, he was pass I.A. examination from Cotton Collage and joined as a Asst. Teacher at Jorhat Govt. High School in 1915. After that he worked various institution at Jorhat and Golghat district and retired in 1950. He was a great Actor and wrote many poetry, Drama etc. A man of many parts, Mitradev Mahanta's life was a simple as his write-ups. In 1964, he was the president of Assam Sahitya Sabha, held at Digboi. He died on 16 March 1983.

Binanda Chandra Barooah
Binanda Chandra Barooah , a famous poet in Assam .He was born at Tiyak, Jorhat on January 1901. `In 1921 he was qualified Metric Exam. From Govt. High School, Jorhat. He obtained B.A. From Cotton Collage. Then after he Joined as a Teacher at Jaji High School in 1929, and promoted to Head Master at in this School. In 1967 he retired from the services. He was the great Social and Cultural worker not even Jorhat, but the Assam as a whole . He was also Secretary/ President in various organisation in Assam. He was a President of Assam Sahitya Sabha in North Lakhimpur session in 1966. He wrote many Poetry books, Novel in Assamese language along with Autobiography "Atitar Rang". He died on 22nd March 1994.

Radhanath Phukan
Radhnath Phukan was born at Jorhat, on 1875. He was the firstM.A. of Assam. He completed his Master degree from Presidency Collage ,Calcutta on 1896 , in Physics. In 1898 , he joined as Advocate at Jorhat Bar. After that he joined as E.A.C at Guwahati, and he promoted the rank of D.C. and working as a Director of Industries and Co-operative Society and retired on 1931. In service life he also awarded "Raibahadur" in 1914. He wrote many valuable books . Which is the valuable property for Assam. He died on 1964.

Ganesh Gogoi
Poet Ganesh Gogoi known as a "Paparir Kabi" who born at jorhat , on 28 December 1907 . In 1926 he completed Matriculation from Govt. High Scholl, Jorhat. And thereafter he admitted Cotton collage and then after 'Kashi University', for higher study. He was a best athlete in the time of School student. Only 31 years of age he died on 21 August 1938. He was not only the great poet he also wrote some drama.

Head Master Zehiruddin Ahmed
Headmaster Zehiruddin Ahmed was born in 1887.He graduated from Dhaka University and later did his B.T. as well. In 1911, he joined the Jorhat Govt. High School as a assistant teacher and become a Headmaster in this School. He was the first Headmaster to introduce School uniforms and mead-day meals for student in Assam. He never married .He was an extremely successful English teacher but at the same time he encouraged his students to take parts in various other activities. He died on September 27 in 1973.

Hem Barooah
A famous Educationist, Poet, Literatures, Hem Barooah was born 1915, he pass Matriculation Examination from Jorhat Govt. High School in 1932.In 1934 he completed I.A. from Cotton Collage and B.A. in 1936. He also completed M.A. in 1938. He was a Brilliant student from his childhood. He Joined as a teacher at Guwahti Handique Collage in 1941 for some days only after that he joined s a Professor at Jagannath Barooah Collage, Jorhat. He was in Jail when he joined as a volunteer in Independence movement in 1942. After that he joined as Vice Principal at B.Barooah Collage, Guwahati and promoted to Principal in 1945 .He was a Poet, Novelist, Essay Writer, Traveller Story writing etc. He also President of "Asom Sahitya Sabha" in 1972, session at Dhubry. A patriot, Social Worker Hem Barooah, died on 1977.

Nilmoni Phukan
Nimoni Phukan born in 1880,at Dibrugarh but he permanently reside at Jorhat from 1931, and joined as Editor of weekly News paper "Batori",later when the news paper was made a daily with a new name "Dainik Batori". Nilmoni Phukan known as a great poem in Assam. apart from poems, he also has other books to his credit - a proof of the man's versatility. A confirmed bachelor, Nilmoni Phukan devoted his life to the service of the state and its people. He was in jail in 1942, for joined the Independence Movement in Assam. He was the President of "Asom Sahitya Sabha" in 1947, at Dibrugarh session. He died on 20 January 1978.

Chandradhar Barooah
Chandradhar Barooah was born at Jorhat Town in 15 October 1874. He completed Entrance Examination From Govt. High School ,Jorhat and admitted Metropolitan Collage Calcutta in 1892.In 1900. He completed Law Degree and joined at Bar in Jorhat. In 1930 he represented first and second Round Table Conference held at London. He not only a Poem but he wrote many Drama, many songs , and Essays. He was the president of Asom Sahitya Sabha,in 1918,at Goalpara , in second session. He awarded "Sahitya Ratna", from Kamrup Sanjibni Sabha in 1929. He died on 26 October 1961.

Nakul Chandra Bhuyan
Nakul Chandra Bhuyan was born at Charing, in May,1895. He completed his Entrance Examination from Govt. High School, Jorhat, in 1916. In 1920, he Studied Typewriting and Shorthanding at Calcutta, and Joined as a Librarian, at Dibrugarh District Club Library. After that he work at Railway, and D.C. Office in 1923. In 1954, he retired from "Barchapari Tea Ested." From Childhood he interested to Literature works. He wrote many books in various subject like poem, Drama, Story Books, But he actually known to us as Dramatist. He was the president of Asom Sahitya Sabha ,session at Dibrugarh in 1966. He was the best wisher of our Mother tong Assamese. In 1968 the day of 16 January he passes away.

Dr. Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya
Dr. Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya, was born in 14 October 1924 , at Sivsagaqr , He completed his Matriculation from Govt. High School, Jorhat in 1941. He obtained B.S.C. Degree in 1945, from Cotton Collage, and obtained M.A. in 1953, and awarded P.H.D from G.U. in 1977. He is the first Assamese who awarded "GNANPITH AWARED" for his Great Novel "MRITUNJAY" in 1979. He was not only the Author of Assamese literature but he also a Journalist who editing many news papers and Magazines. He works for reforms of Social site which was pointed out in his books. In 1983, he was the President of "Asom Sahitya Sabha", at Bangaigaon session. He wrote many books in several subject, he also awarded Academy award for his Story Book Iaruingam, in 1961. The most talented Dr. Bhattacharya was died on6 August, 1997.

Jatindra Nath Goswami
Jatindra Nath Goswami , born at Tiyak, Jorhat on 12 November, 1918. He completed his Entrance Examination from Chanairam High School, in 1937. He completed his I.A. from J.B. Collage, Jorhat in 1939 and B.A. from Ripan Collage, Calcutta, in 1941. He also completed B.T. from Shillong and M.A. from Calcutta University, in 1950. At first he joined in Defence and thereafter he joined as a Teacher and work several Institute like Cotton Collage, J.B. Collage, Jorhat .He retired from services in 1980. He awarded "SAHITYACHARYA" BY Asom Sahitya Sabha. In March 1980, he was the president of Asom Sahitya Sabha at Raha session. He was an Author of many valuable books and Essays. Goswami died on 6 November 2005.

Dr. Satyendra Nath Sarma
Dr. Satyendra Nath Sarma, was born at Jaji, Jharabari village in Sivasagar District on 10 September, 1916. In 1934, he completed Entrance Examination from Jaji High School and I.A. and B.A. from Cotton Collage, Guwahti. In 1941 he obtain M.A. from Calcutta University with Gold Medal for first Class first in Modern Assamese Language. He awarded P.H.D, Dirge in 1955. He joined at first as a Lecturer at Cotton Collage in 1942,and thereafter he joined at Guwahati University and retired from services in 1980 , but he work in several post up-to 1991. He also engaged in several social works . He was the President of Asom Sahitya Sabha, at Titabor, Jorhat, in 1975. He awarded many award like, Sahityacharya, Anadaram Barooah award, Shrimanta Sankardev award, etc. He died on 11 August 1999.

Jagneswar Sarma
Jagneswar Sarma, born at Titabor, Jorhat, on 7 December 1906. In 1923, he completed his Matriculation from Jorhat Government High School and obtained B.A. from Cotton Collage . In 1927. In 1929 , he obtained Mastered degree from Presidency Collage, Calcutta . In 1930 Sarma Joined at Jagannath Barooah Collage. In 1944 he Joined as a Principal at Nagaon Collage. He was the Founder Principal in that collage and retired from that collage in 1968. H was a Great poet .He awarded many award like Sahityacharya , Anandaram Barooah award, in 1996. He also President in Asom Sahitya Sabha in 1976, at Tiyak, Jorhat. He died on 13 November 1998.

Ananda Chandra Barooah
Poet Ananda Chandra Barooah aws born at Khumtai,Tea Ested on 31 December 1907. He was better known as a "Bakul Banar Kavi". In 1926 he completed Entrance Examination from Jorhat High School and admitted Kashi Hindu University, but he was unable to completed his higher studies. He joined in Indian Air force in 1943 and thereafter he joined as a clerk at Jorhat I.T.I, in 1947, and retired from that institute in 1968. He was the President in Asom Sahitya Sabha at Barpeta session in 1969. He awarded "Padmashree" in 1970. He died on 27 January 1983.

Akan Chandra Borah
Freedom Fighter Akan Chandra Borah, was born at Tiyak , prbatia Village, Jorhat . In 1932, he was joined as a Volunteer of Independence Movement in Assam. In Law breaking Movement he was in Jail for three months and thereafter he joined in this movement in 1941 and 1942 Satyagrah, and Quit India movement . He died when he was seventy eight years of old.

Akan Chandra Borah
Another Freedom Fighter who was born in 1900,at Bharaluwa Village in Choukhat Mouza. Jorhat, He joined in the Quit India Movement in 1942. He died on 15 July 1979.

Kushadev Goswami
Born at Bamunpukhuri Ratnakar Satra, Jorhat on 1894. He joined in 1921 Non Co-operation Movement and in prison for a few months. He was the active worker of Independence Movement in assam.

Kerketuwa Chutia
Born at Titabor, Jorhat. He was in prison for 6 Months in 1922.

Keshav Chandra Sarma
Born at Jorhat in 1912. A volunteer of Independence Movement and in prison for 2 days. He was a social worker and engaged many social works and died on 21 June 1988.

Krishna Prasad Dutta
Born at Charigaon, Jorhat in 1916. He joined as a worker in Independence Movement and in prison many time for his activities. He was a pensioner of Freedom Fighter and he died on 1975.

Krishna Ram Gogoi
Born at Jorhat and work for Indian Congress and fight against British in 1921,1931,1942, He died in 73 years of his age.

Keshav Ram Borah
In 1921, he was in Prison for six Months for he joined as volunteer in Independence Movement in Assam. He was also a social Worker and work for Education at Majuli. He was also founder of Majuli Collage.

Kamal Chandra Kataki
Born at Chinatoli Village, Joraht, He was in prison for six Months for his activities of Independence Movement in India.

Kamal Chandra Bhagawati
Born at Majuli in Garmur Satra. He was a Nephew of Sri Pitambar Deva Goswami. He in prison for six months for work against British .

Khargeswar Gogoi
A freedom Fighter and fought against British and in prison for some days. He work for congress.

Khargeswar Hazarika
Born at Dhekiana Bharaluwa Village in Tiyak Mouza, Jorhat. He fight against British and in prison for 7 Months in 1942. He was a Pensioner of Freedom Fighter and Awarded "Tamrapatra".