Zilla Parishad

Last Updated on: March 23, 2022

Jorhat Zilla Parishad is situated at A.T. Road, Unnayan Bhawan, Jorhat Town with 8 Nos of Anchalik Panchayats (AP) and 110 Nos of Gaon Panchayats under its jurisdiction.


The Office of the Zilla Parishad acts as the Administrative Headquarter for all the three tiers of the PRIs of the district and maintains constant co-ordination with all The PRIs within the district for smooth functioning of the administrative machinery under the existing purview of law, rules and procedure set and framed by the Govt. norms. The office is accountable for rural area development. The primary duty of the office is to ensure the development of the rural people by ensuring proper implementation of the government schemes meant for rural people.

Matters relating to administration for the PRIs are dealt with by the Chief Executive Officer. The Executive Officer of Intermediate Panchayat also look into the administrative matter.

Chief Executive Officer as the Head of the District of PRIs is responsible for smooth and effective co-ordination among three tiers of Panchayats which implement a number of development programmes and schemes under Central Government & State Government.

All developmental works undertaken by Zilla Parishad and implemented by different level Panchayats in the district is monitored by Chief Executive Officer, Zilla Parishad, Jorhat. At present, The following schemes are being implemented by Jorhat Zilla Parishad

(a) District Development Plan(DDP) 
(b) Thirteenth Finance Commission (TFC))
(c) National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP)------ the sub-schemes under its are --- NFBS, ANNAPURNA, IGNOAP, IGNWPS & IGNDPS.

Zilla Parishad Office is implementing the following programmes as per procedure explained below

  • DDP - It is a State Government Scheme. The schemes are selected by the Gaon Sabha of Gaon Panchayats which are compiled in Anchalik Panchayt , and forwarded to Zilla Parishad for approval in District Planning Committee. The fund under DDP is vertically divided in the ratio of 20:30:50 in ZP:AP:GP. A part of the fund is also earmarked for Urban area on the basis of population.
  • TFC - It is a state government scheme. The fund under 13TH Finance Commission (TFC) is divided amongst ZP:AP:GP in the ratio 20:30:50. The fund is transferred to AP and GP on the basis of population of each AP/GP.
  • NSAP - It is a centrally sponsored social assistance programme. It has five sub programme- IGNOAP, Annapurna, NFBS, IGNDPS, IGNWPS. The NFBS and Annapurna are implemented by Deputy Commissioner Office, Jorhat.

Besides, President/CEO of this office are also involved as chairman/Member Secretary in some other schemes implemented by other Departments. These are DWSM , RKVY etc

Organization Structure:


1. The Chief ex. Officer carryout the policies and directions of Zilla Parishad and take necessary measure for execution of all works of Zilla Parishad, discharge the duties imposed upon him by the Panchayat Act. He supervises the works of the officers and the officials of Zilla Parishad under the superintendence of the President. He is the drawing and disbursing authority of Zilla Parishad.

2. The CEO is the ex-officio secretary of Zilla Parishad and may take part in the discussion, but does not have right to vote.


3. The executive officer exercises all powers imposed upon him by the Panchayat Act. He supervises the work of the officers and officials of the Anchalik Panchayat and take necessary steps for execution of the schemes. He is the drawing and disbursing authority of intermediate Pancvhayat.

4. Executive officer is the ex-officio secretary of Intermediate Panchayat and may take part in the discussion, but does not have right to vote.


a. President, District Panchayat

The president of District Panchayat performs all the duties imposed under Panchayat Act. President also Convene, preside over and conduct meeting of District Panchayat. He exercise administrative, supervision over the CEO and other officials of Zilla Parishad. He exercise overall supervision over the financial and executive administration of the Zilla Parishad.

b. President, Intermediate Panchayat:

The President convene preside over and conduct meetings of Intermediate Panchayat, discharges all duties imposed upon by the Panchayat Act. He supervises the works of Executive Officer for implementation of the resolution of the Intermediate Panchayat. He also supervise the overall financial and administration of this office.


It is the function of Zilla Parishad to prepare plan for economic development and social justice and to ensure implementation of such plan. In addition, Zilla Parishad supervise works of Anchalik Panchayat/ Gaon Panchayat under its control, make grants to Anchalik/ Gaon Panchayats, Co-ordinate and integrate the plans and schemes prepared by APs of Joraht and examine and sanction the budget of AP of the District.

The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions: The general norms set by the State Govt. & the Panchayat Act 1994 are applicable for discharging various functions by the officers & staff of the Zilla Parishad's Office.