Food & Civil Supplies Department

Last Updated on: March 23, 2022


As far as Jorhat District is concerned, it comprises of 2(two) Sub-Divisions namely Jorhat Sadar Sub-Division and Titabor Sub-Division. The Deptt. in Jorhat Sub Division is mainly looking after the implementation of PDS/TPDS and monitoring relating to availability and price of essential commodities in open market. The Sub Divisions are allotted PDS/TPDS items by the Directorate of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Assam and the same are allotted to the various GPSS wholesale Consumer Co-Op Society and appointed Sub whole seller which in turn distributed the same among the FP shop dealer in urban area and agents of the GPSS in rural area as per card/population tagged with each of them. So far APL/BPL/AAY rice, MMASY rice, S.K. Oil , Atta are concerned the allotment of the same are received from the Directorate by the Deputy Commissioner for Sadar Sub Division and Sub Divisional (C) for their respective Sub Division. So far allotment of MMASY rice and MDM rice concerned the same is received for the District and allotted from this end. Similarly the allotment of salt is made as per Directorate allotment.

1) Staff position of Jorhat Sub-Division FCS&CA Branch

  • Superintendent:- 1 no.
  • Inspector:- 5 nos.
  • Sub Inspector:- 4 nos.
  • Accountant:-1 no.
  • Sr. Asstt.:-2 nos.
  • Jr. Asstt.:-3 nos.
  • Grade IV:-2 nos.

2) Scheme implemented:-

  • APL
  • BPL
  • AAY
  • Randhan Jyoti
  • In this year Govt. proposed to implement the National Food security Ordinance/13. For this scheme selection of beneficiaries is being done.

3) Particulars

  • No of GPSS:- 18 Nos.( The licence of 2 nos. of GPSS is under suspension. The Consumers are tagged with Ward No 1 Consumer Co-op Store. The licence of M/S Gakhirkhuwa GPSS was cancelled by the authority.).
  • No of W/ sale Con. Co-op:- 2 nos.
  • No of private S/ wholesaler:-1 no
  • No of FP shop dealer in urban:-128 nos.
  • No of GPSS agents:-713 nos.
  • No of S.K oil Depots:-11 nos.
  • No of S.K oil Hawker:-19 nos.
  • No of LPG Distributors:-9 nos.

4) Quantum of

  • BPL rice :- 34.946 kg per FIC
  • AAY rice:-35.00 kg per FICs
  • APL rice:-Quantum fixed as per allotment received from Directorate. It varies time to time.
  • S.K oil and Atta:- -Do-

Total Population of Jorhat District :- 10,91,295 (as per 2011 census)
Total population of Jorhat Sub division:- 4,56,693 ( -Do- )
Total House hold:- 1,31,751

5) Prices of PDS/TPDS commodities:-

  • APL rice:- As per distance slab fixed by Hon'ble Deputy Commissioner, Jorhat.
  • BPL rice:- (-Do-)
  • AAY rice:- Rs.3.00 per kg as fixed by Govt.
  • Atta:- As per distance slab fixed by Hon'ble Deputy Commissioner, Jorhat.
  • S.K oil:- Based on distance.
  • MMASY:- Rs. 6.42 to Rs.6.95 per kg.
  • Salt:- Rs. 6.25 to 7.00 per kg

6) Steps taken for computerization of PDS/TPDS items:-

For stream ling of PDS exercise was undertaken for computerization of APL/BPL/AAY families. With the help of PRI's Asha worker Anganwadi workers etc the verification process was under taken. During the process total no of families deleted from record is APL:-37153, BPL 3685 AAY 608 nos. The review /verification of the BPL, AAY families are still continuing. Steps has been taken for uploading the monthly allotment on the Website. As per Govt. instructions particulars of the FIC holders have been obtained in application form prescribed by the Govt. . This process including verification of application form etc.